Aspire Global pulls out of business with Russian National Lottery operator

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Leading iGaming provider Aspire Global has terminated its contract with the Russian National Lottery’s operators Sports Lotteries LLC due to different view of the business. 

The contract was announced in October 2020 and the termination has immediate effect. The termination will not have any impact on Aspire Global’s income and earnings in 2022.

Due to Russia’s war on Ukraine, major companies from various sectors around the world including online gambling have announced the suspension of their operations and withdrawal from the Russian market since Feb 24.

LeoVegas and Genius Sports also confirmed that they have “suspended all operations” in Russia. Parimatch Tech recently stated that the company is withdrawing the franchise due to the military aggression of the Russian Federation in Ukraine. In 2016, all rights to use the Parimatch trademark were transferred to Betring LLC. Under the terms of the agreement, Parimatch Tech provided the Parimatch brand for operations in the region.