According to new figures, one in four Brits gamble online

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Online gambling is at its highest ever rate in the UK, with one in four Britons making wagers, according to the UK Gambling Commission.

The following findings are official statistics based on a set of questions commissioned by the UK Gambling Commission in a standalone telephone survey conducted by Yonder.

Data collection took place in June 2021, September 2021, December 2021 and March 2022. These questions ask respondents about their gambling participation in the past four weeks ver the same period in the previous year.

25.7% of 4,018 people aged 16 or over surveyed had gambled online in the past four weeks, up from 23.8%

In year to March 2022, overall participation in any gambling activity (in the last four weeks) significantly increased to 43% (an increase of 3 percentage points on year to March 2021) but does remain lower than the pre-pandemic participation rate (47% in Year to March 2020).

This increase in participation appears to be driven by a return to in person gambling activities, particularly other lotteries, sports betting, fruit and slot machines, horses and bingo, however, the participation rates for these activities (in year to March 2022) still remain below pre-pandemic levels online gambling participation remained statistically stable at 26% (compared to year to March 2021) but continues its long-term increase. Overall headline problem gambling rate is statistically stable at 0.2%. The moderate risk and low risk rates are also statistically stable at 0.9% and 1.4% respectively.