ATG earnings matches first quarter estimates

Finance News

AB Trav och Galopp ( ATG ) said net gaming revenue for the first quarter of 2022 was SEK 1.3 billion. Revenues from sports betting increased by 27 percent and casinos by 48 percent.

Horse play decreased by 7 percent, but remains at a historically high level. The first quarter’s net gaming revenues of SEK 1.3 billion are as high as for the comparison period 2021 when growth was 14 percent.

Net gaming revenues include ATG’s three gaming areas: horse, sports and casino. ATG’s total revenue amounted to almost SEK 1.5 billion and is at the same level as the first quarter of 2021.

We touch on last year’s record for the first quarter in both net gaming revenues and total revenues, which means that we continue to deliver at a new higher level, says Lotta Nilsson Viitala, CFO at ATG.