Parimatch Tech opens new Czech Republic office

Business News

Parimatch Tech has opened a European hub in Prague, Czech Republic. The decision was made amidst Russian aggression in Ukraine.

By opening an office in Prague, the company continues its global business expansion, as well as provides the employees who were forced to leave the country with a stable and familiar work environment. Eventually, the Czech hub will be refocused and transformed into an R&D centre.

The opening of the Prague office continues our European expansion. Opening that hub and starting operations in the EU are part of Parimatch Tech’s long-term strategy of developing a global IT cluster. The war made us act swiftly and strengthened our dedication to business globalisation.

We are currently focusing on creating the best working conditions possible for our teams located in the Czech Republic. Our goal is to create a thriving business environment and ensure the safety and well-being of every employee and their family. Still, I would like to stress that Ukraine remains our key R&D hub. Maksym Liashko, CEO Parimatch Tech.