Catena Media mulls over business sell-off following strategic review of company

Finance News

Catena Media’s board continuously evaluates strategic initiatives, including potential transactions, structural changes and other strategic initiatives with a view to achieving the best outcomes for the company and its shareholders in the long term.

Catena Media is currently noticing a strategic interest from third parties to acquire certain assets, including assets in its financial trading segment, the “AskGamblers” brand as well as certain other of Catena Media’s global brands.

In light of this, Catena Media has initiated a strategic review, which will be broad, consider all feasible alternatives and assets of the group to ensure an optimal outcome, and may include investigating the advantages of, e.g., a sale of certain assets (including but not limited to financial trading assets, the “AskGamblers” brand and other global brands) or another type of structural transaction.

Catena Media wishes to emphasise that no decision has been taken with respect to the strategic review, and that it may conclude that the best alternative is to make no changes in the near term.