Bet365 reprimanded for AML violation in Denmark


The Danish Gambling Authority has given Hillside (New Media Malta) plc / Bet365 a reprimand for breaching the rules on customer due diligence measures in of the anti-money laundering act.

The reprimand is given because Hillside has let a young player deposit about DKK 190,000 to his account during a period of just over a year without having sufficient knowledge of whether the player’s funds originated from criminal proceeds.

Considering the player’s age and the amount deposited, it should have prompted Hillside to further investigate the origin of the funds, for example, by requesting information about the player’s income. Given that Hillside had not investigated the player, there were no notes on the player either.

Thereby, Hillside has not complied with the obligation on customer due diligence measures and the obligations to investigate and register.