Svenska Spel signs partnership agreement with Travsport

Business News

Svenska Spel Sport & Casino has entered into a cooperation agreement with Svensk Travsport. As a first step in the development of a full-scale customer offering for Swedish trotting, Svenska Spel Sport & Casino and Svensk Travsport have agreed on the forms of a collaboration.

We have had a very good dialogue for a long time and it feels very good that we now have an agreement with Svenska Spel Sport & Casino, says Maria Croon, CEO of Svensk Travsport.

Since the re-regulation of the gaming market, Svenska Spel Sport & Casino has had the ambition of reaching an agreement with Svensk Travsport. With a new agreement in place, Svenska Spel Sport & Casino will be able to participate and contribute to the development of Swedish trotting.

We are very happy to finally be able to present the collaboration with Swedish Trotting. This agreement creates good conditions for being able to develop a complete offer of Swedish trotting to our customers. We have a successful history of delivering unique and in-house developed sports products, we will continue to do so when we now have this collaboration in place. This is also an important first step towards being able to participate in and develop the sport that we have been looking forward to for so long, says Fredrik Wastenson Trav & Galopp, Svenska Spel Sport & Casino.

The agreement extends over 3 years and will give Svenska Spel Sport & Casino access to sports data and streaming of Swedish trotting races.

We look forward to the collaboration with Svenska Spel Sport & Casino, which is a large and important player in the gaming market. We have high hopes that this can further increase interest in the trotting sport in the future. Svensk Travsport has taken new steps towards the future and it is an exciting development we are in, says Maria Croon, CEO of Svensk Travsport 

Svenska Spel Sport & Casino already offers games on trotting through the collaboration with the French PMU. The high-winning game High Five offers daily games on French trot and gallop. The recently signed cooperation agreement will be the starting point for a broad investment in Swedish trotting and the development of new trotting products from Svenska Spel Sport & Casino.