EGT Interactive becomes Amusnet Interactive


EGT Interactive evolves to Amusnet Interactive. How do you feel about the change?

I’m excited, like everyone else. The company’s team has successfully crafted and provided iGaming products for ten years, and I’m glad to share that we have significantly upgraded our portfolio. Since last year, we have officially released 20 new video slots in captivating and unique themes and exciting Lottery games. Amusnet Interactive is the next step of the company’s development which reflects only upon the visual identity of EGT Interactive. The teams, the quality of the products, and the business relationships that we have built remain the same, and as always, with the tendency to excel.

In your opinion, which verticals hold the greatest potential over the following years?

We are witnessing the rapid growth of Live Casino, where Amusnet Interactive is gaining positions. Our platform is powered by cutting-edge live streaming technology and a state-of-the-art studio to provide an unprecedented Live Gaming experience. The interest in our Live Casino products is immensely increasing with time, and we are determined to continue to release appealing games.

What can be seen as a trend is that the players choose a game by the availability of other features or stimuli, such as tournaments or promotional tools. This is why our gaming content is integrated into our Jackpot Cards bonus game and Multigame feature. Despite the variety of new products, slot games will always have a significant place in the iGaming world. Still, the main element that makes a gaming product a preferable choice for the players remains the same – the essence of real gambling. The essence is a combination of thrill, anticipation, and eagerness to win.

What has changed in Amusnet Interactive’s product portfolio, and what remains the same?

We have kept players’ favorite payout feel of the games while offering a modern look, attractively designed animations, and new sounds. We are well aware that our partners rely on the simplicity of the one-time seamless API integration that ensures systems stability and reliability, which hasn’t changed as well. We’ve built upon the user experience, now available for mobile and desktop versions of our games. A new Multigame interface is on the way too.

Could you reveal more about product launches and business plans in the near future?

Walking hand in hand with the popular EGT Interactive product portfolio, Amusnet Interactive is now a set of modern casino games, which bring the same old favorite feeling of excitement. The base games will remain available for our players, and at the same time, we will continue to enrich the portfolio with modern casino verticals. What is more, we are now working on expanding the presence of our games to all casino channels in the industry.