Fanatics suitable for Maryland sportsbook launch

Sports Betting

Fanatics is one step closer after a partial approval by the MD Lottery on Thursday.

The longtime sports merch company was unanimously approved for a retail sports betting operator license today by the Maryland Lottery and Gaming (MLG) Commission. The license can be issued after MLG completes its full licensing investigation into the company. 

Fanatics Betting and Gaming’s VP of Regulatory Affairs Alex Smith thanked the commission for working with Fanatics as it prepares to enter the US sports betting market. 

“We’re hopeful that this will be our first gaming license, and we’re excited to reach this milestone,” said Smith. Which sports betting facility plans to partner with Fanatics is still unknown, although it is likely to be one of 17 locations designated for a facility license under state law. The licensing process for those facilities has been underway since 2021. 

The state has yet to begin the process of awarding up to 30 small retail licenses. That will be handled by competitive bid, with the application process starting sometime later this year.