OMEGA Systems: The ever-evolving engine


Paddy Mann, Chief Commercial Officer at OMEGA Systems.

As the industry settles back into the bustling swing of a life post-pandemic, OMEGA Systems is quietly celebrating their achievements. Despite lockdowns and unprecedented times, this leading platform management software solution has made the most of their time indoors by developing a suite of additions to their already-superior offering.

From online player management solutions to land-based and retail support; reporting, compliance and engagement, OMEGA certainly has much to celebrate about… and it doesn’t stop there.

Amongst a sea of one-stop-shop solutions built with an end-goal in mind; OMEGA Systems’ offering is a unique one: a platform management software solution that is continually developed to meet the needs of their individual clients. It’s not a product that will ever be complete – because as the industry evolves, OMEGA adapts its software to do the same. At the heart of it, it offers solid player management software to allow clients globally to build their operations. From players’ banking, wallets, KYC, AML, geo-location, registration and everything in between, OMEGA’s software allows the client to take control of it all from one centralised interface. 

The open-ended nature of OMEGA’s philosophy means they’ve also built their software to support a range of different clients, from online operations to land-based, retailers and agencies. One of OMEGA’s first innovations was to develop a single player waller for online and land-based play, using a simple EFT API. This service also covers deposits and withdrawals, responsible gaming tools, player tracking and reporting, cross-bonus and loyalty tools, and everything required to ensure a smooth transition from land-to-online play. 

When it comes to agencies, OMEGA has also been a game-changer, having developed the ability to include multi-level entities in a network with staff, broker, promoter, shop or agent view. They also offer full cashier payment options, along with extensive commission plans that can easily be tailored to clients’ requests.

This is one of many examples of OMEGA not being a simple one-size-fits-all solution, but rather a solution that adapts to fit all its clients, whichever part of the industry they may come from.
Speaking of adaptation, compliance and helping clients enter multiple regulated jurisdictions is another area OMEGA excels in. Offering in-house responsible gaming framework and reporting across multiple markets as part of their standard package, OMEGA allows clients working in Europe, the Americas and beyond to stay completely compliant, at no extra cost. The service also includes both automated or manual KYC, a full risk analysis module for anti-money laundering and responsible gaming, along with AML alerting and reporting. 

The increasing complexity of entering regulated markets has also led OMEGA to build their comprehensive Data Vault, providing a uniform data storage solution for traceability and security purposes. The Data Vault or Control Database is configurable, and the Data Vault Output Schema can easily be tailored to jurisdiction-specific requirements. With full external audit capability, giving regulators and auditors a uniform data reference is now a breeze.

Each customer and system event passed to the Data Vault can be optionally encrypted too, adding further value to the service. On the side of Data Vault comes also OMEGA ETL, which provides automated data transfers to data warehouse, CRM and other third party systems, along with automating in-jurisdiction storage requirements. The best part about both additions to the offering is they’re both included in OMEGA’s standard package, meaning no extra costs and a welcome layer of future-proofing. Of course, these developments have adhered to the highest global standards, with OMEGA certified to both ISO 27001 and ISO 9001. 

Entering new jurisdictions isn’t just about compliance though, but localisation. OMEGA caters to  this notion also, with more than 250 integrations from third party suppliers under their belt. This includes more than 80 payment providers, allowing businesses to select and utilise the best payment solutions for their markets. And when it comes to game content, there is an endless portfolio of studios to choose from, with integrations already completed and ready to launch.

OMEGA is fast becoming a popular name amongst the game supplier network, with the team having the ability to quickly integrate content for their clients, from individual game studios to most of the leading aggregation solutions available on the market.

As a side note to the third party game supplier integrations: OMEGA has made their software completely flexible for use, meaning that clients have total independence in which suppliers they choose and use. This flexibility extends right down to the games and brands, and which promo tools are available per game, giving clients all they need to run a successful operation.

With so many moving parts behind the scenes, it’s often easy to forget the player at the front of it – but OMEGA’s player engagement tool Chronos has also accounted for the most important element of all. Real-time customer rewards like free spins, free bets, cash and bonuses are easily awarded via the software, with a comprehensive messaging tool also included as standard. Everything is built with scalability in mind, as well as supporting all languages and communication channels such as SMS, email, web socket and more. 

Loyalty amongst players is easily encouraged using OMEGA’s software, with a cross-product bonus engine and real-time bonuses across all verticals. All promotional activities are run via a centralised management system with detailed reporting readily available. The Loyalty Shop is a powerful addition to the offering, in addition to the external bonus award API and loyalty engine. 
Finally – for the meantime – OMEGA prides itself in its reporting and analytics services, offering a comprehensive reporting suite, as well as integration an capability with leading BI platforms.. These can range from regulatory to accounting, from operations to revenue – and all are made with one goal in mind: to help the client to succeed.

It’s merely an understatement to say OMEGA has been busy, and with this impressive suite of developments – all built with the client in mind – it’s no surprise their clientbase is getting increasingly busier too. For more information on any of the products or services mentioned, make sure to visit the OMEGA Systems team at Stand Q52 at IGB Amsterdam in July.