Pragmatic Solutions: In it for the long run


5 Star speaks to Pragmatic Solutions CEO Ashley Lang on how the company continues to innovate in the evolving platform sector.

Tell us a bit about Pragmatic Solutions and the market opportunities you are tackling.

The Pragmatic Solutions team have been working hard to advance our strategy to become the preferred technology platform for gaming operators in regulated markets.  We have enhanced the capabilities of our PAM platform and obtained the necessary licenses and certifications to service operators in the U.K., Germany, Spain, Ontario, Romania, and Hungary.  

The priority of these jurisdictions was driven by the business requirements of our clients but these qualifications benefit all current and future client partners and in meeting the standards of these jurisdictions we have surpassed the requirements of other newly regulated markets opening opportunities to further expand the market footprint of our platform.  

With local regulation becoming the predominant model worldwide, one of the greatest benefits that Pragmatic Solutions can provide an operator is an accelerated speed to market by providing a platform technology that is pre-approved and pre-configured to meet the compliance standards in as many markets as possible and with the greatest flexibility in how they configure the platform to suit their unique business strategy.  

In addition to leading in regulatory readiness, Pragmatic Solutions has also been focussed on strategic partnerships with some of today’s leading 3rd-party sports betting data and technology companies to enable provide a best-of-breed platform and product technology stack solution to our customers.  We will announce these strategic collaborations shortly.  We have almost doubled the size of our engineering and development teams to support the delivery of roadmap initiatives and to support the increased demand for our platform.  This had indeed been an exciting first half to the year for Pragmatic Solutions.

How have these developments been received by the market?

We are constantly validating our strategy with our existing and prospective clients.  This year will see clients of Pragmatic Solutions launch into 5+ regulated markets. It is very exciting for us to see our clients expand their global reach and scale their businesses in this way and it confirms the value of our emphasis on platform compliance.  

Each of our clients operates on an independent node of our platform but each node is based upon the same version of the master code branch.  What this means is that all clients enjoy the immediate benefits of the feature development, compliance considerations, and 3rd-party vendor integrations that we deploy to the platform at the end of each development sprint.  As a result, Pragmatic Solutions clients all enjoy the benefits of our new market regulatory compatibility allowing them to expand into new markets more quickly. 

The same is true of 3rd-party vendor integrations – each sprint sees new products and services available to Pragmatic Solutions platform clients.  The platform development velocity is high and allows our clients to accelerate their product and geographical expansion objectives faster than the competition.  Word of these benefits is spreading quickly throughout the industry resulting in heavy interest and demand for our platform.  You will have heard of very exciting new client partnerships, such as our recent selection as a technology partner for DAZN Bet that demonstrate the success of our focus.  Good reputations take years to build but erode very quickly if not maintained.  For this reason, we listen first and foremost to the demands of our existing clients and plan carefully when we onboard new platform clients to ensure that our performance improves as we scale.

How would you summarize Pragmatic Solutions competitive advantages?

First is that we provide excellent platform technology to support today’s multi-jurisdictional, multi-product gaming operator as a foundation.  Next, we are fast and responsive to the needs of our customers and provide robust technology solutions to support their business growth strategy.  

No two businesses are the same and each of our clients have bespoke requirements – to this we provide flexible custom development resourcing plans that allow our customers to leverage our development expertise to build innovative new products and player experiences as extensions of our core technology platform.  Almost all of our clients also subscribe for dedicated development sprint velocity where we provide managed and predictable bespoke software development services.  

Last, but certainly not least, is our team – we have a large team of experienced, dedicated and committed professionals who take great pride in our success and great interest in the success of our customers.

Anything else you would like people to know about Pragmatic Solutions?

We love to discuss technology and the opportunities in the gaming industry.  We take a very consultative approach and seek to tailor solutions to meet individual client demands.  We are always proud to demonstrate our platform and do not require an NDA to discuss what we offer or to book a platform demo.  

If your readers are finding their business objectives are constrained by bottlenecks in technology, I’d like them to know that we offer proven solutions and would welcome a “no commitment required” opportunity to discuss their business goals and how Pragmatic Solutions can accelerate their business plans.