Fortuna Entertainment Group appoints new CEO

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Fortuna Entertainment Group has appointed former Paddy Power Online CEO Victor Corcoran as its new CEO.

Victor shared some warm words with: FEG “…Firstly, a massive thank you to everyone for the warm welcome but particularly to David Vaněk for his extensive help getting up to speed with the business. I have really enjoyed listening and learning about the FEG business over the last few weeks. I am truly excited about working with you all in such an opportunity rich environment.

Fortuna Entertainment Group s the leading omni-channel betting and gaming operator in Central and Eastern Europe. We started in the Czech Republic and, through our passion and expertise, have become a truly international operator. Our footprint now extends to the Slovakian, Polish, Romanian, and Croatian markets. There are now more than 6,000 of us that we call colleagues and friends and we are proud to be the largest Central and Eastern European betting and gaming operator with over 30 years of experience.