Denmark blocks 83 online gambling domains


The Danish Gambling Authority to have 82 websites that offer illegal gambling blocked. It is the highest number of blockings in the history of the Danish Gambling Authority.   

It is the eighth time that the Danish Gambling Authority has gone to court to have illegal websites blocked that offer gambling activities such as betting and online casino to Danes without a licence.  

On 22 September 2022, the court in Frederiksberg ruled in favour of the Danish Gambling Authority in all 82 cases that had been reported. It is the highest number of blockings at one time since 2012, when the Danish gambling market was partially liberalised, and the Danish Gambling Authority began blocking websites that illegally offer gambling to Danes. By comparison, the Danish Gambling Authority’s action against 55 websites in 2021 was upheld.    

“The Danish Gambling Authority was established to ensure the framework for a fair gambling market,” says director of the Danish Gambling Authority, Anders Dorph. “One of our most important tasks in that context is to protect players against illegal gambling and to ensure that they are not exposed to gambling providers that do not have a licence in Denmark. At the same time, it is very important that we ensure that the operators who are licensed to offer gambling in Denmark can run their business under orderly conditions and therefore our work to block illegal websites is very important.”  

The Danish Gambling Authority continuously monitors the gambling market to detect illegal gambling; partly through automated searches, but also by following up on notifications from citizens and businesses. If the Danish Gambling Authority assesses that a website offers illegal gambling aimed at Denmark without a licence, the Danish Gambling Authority asks the provider to stop the illegal offering. If this does not happen, the case will proceed to the city court where the Danish Gambling Authority will ask for the website to be blocked by the Danish Internet Service Providers.