OMEGA Systems: Powering through a post-pandemic world


Paddy Mann, Chief Commercial Officer, OMEGA Systems.

It’s official: travel is a go again, masks are becoming a thing of the past, and the worst of the pandemic seems to be over. And while many of us are easing back into our old routines, OMEGA Systems is flourishing. 

Life post-pandemic won’t ever be the same for this leading platform management software solution; Not only did OMEGA survive the pandemic – they beat it, and continue to find new successes. 

One of the major challenges faced by gaming businesses around the globe is that of motivating employees to come back to the office or establishing new routines with those now too accustomed to working from home. With an already-remote setup with offices across Canada, Portugal, Malta and beyond however, this is no such challenge for OMEGA. Instead, they’ve been able to focus their energies on what they do best: innovating, simplifying, and expanding their already superior offering to their ever-growing network of customers. 

With a multitude of customers to serve, OMEGA has powered their way through the pandemic and beyond. From online operations to land-based, retailers and agencies, their customer base has not only grown, but experienced an influx of product developments along the way. OMEGA’s offering is not a stock-standard platform, but rather an entire platform management software solution, all in one. They cater to many a client – from all areas of the industry – to offer a truly flexible software that can adapt to fit any of their client’s requirements. Regulatory standards support, reporting, third-party provider integrations, player engagement and data solutions are merely some of the solutions on offer – and every development is a true testament to the OMEGA team’s continued success.

One of those mentioned solutions that will be welcome news to any operator is the increasingly impressive portfolio of third-party providers that OMEGA has integrated into its platform software solution. A true collaborator of the industry, OMEGA is known for their ever-increasing list of integrated B2B providers. From game developers to payment providers, KYC and more, OMEGA has heard and worked with the needs of their clients to bring them every integration, all in one single software solution. Over the last couple of years, they’ve proudly increased their number of integrations to more than 290 providers, an impressive feat for this agile team. Operators using OMEGA’s software can now benefit from a host of game providers including Relax Gaming and their superior aggregation network, Evolution and their new One Stop Shop, sought-after crash game studios like Spribe, and Free-to-Play games such as Instant Win Gaming, Sportcaller and more.

The integrations don’t stop at game studios of course, and OMEGA has also integrated numerous providers to offer solutions such as geolocation and KYC. On the geolocation front, GeoComply is a welcome addition to the offering, along with MetaMap for login, registration and everything in between. When it comes to KYC, OMEGA fully understands the importance of being able to support clients with the best options on the market, and therefore has integrated numerous providers to give their clients the choice. More recently, KYC providers such as IDComply and Trulioo have been integrated and made available, further enhancing the KYC options for clients around the globe. 

Of course, OMEGA isn’t just focused on their catalog of third-party integrations, but rather making their software solution as universal, flexible and user-friendly as possible. As the gaming industry continues to evolve, we’ve seen trends emerge with social gaming – particularly in the Americas – and crypto gaming on a global scale. The demand for a top-notch sportsbook product is also increasing, and OMEGA supports their operators in all such services. Over recent months, they’ve seen the addition of additional sportsbook providers with the likes of big-name players such as Sportradar and KAMBI, allowing their customers the flexibility to choose the best sportsbook solutions for their chosen markets. Furthermore, OMEGA has worked hard to make their software compatible for social casinos, and fully supports all crypto currencies For OMEGA, it’s not just about keeping up with trends and changes but making sure their solution is cutting edge, constantly delivering to the growing demand of their clients. 

It’s hard to forget about regulatory requirements when mentioning client demand, and this is an area OMEGA excels in, particularly when speed-to-market is considered. Although OMEGA’s clients hold and manage their own licenses, the team at OMEGA has catered for everything else – be it reality check solutions, responsible gaming framework, data storage solutions and more. Compliant with more than 20 regulated markets already (an impressive feat with increasingly demanding regulators), OMEGA has in recent months added the Netherlands, Ohio (along with several other US states), and local African markets to their global spread of accessible markets. As their clients expand their horizons, OMEGA does the research and the work to ensure that each regulation’s requirements are supported to the fullest. 

Currently allowing their clients to operate extensively across Europe, Africa, the Americas and beyond, OMEGA’s comprehensive solutions and services come at no extra cost – a positively unique selling point for this software solution. With each new market comes a whole new list of requirements and responsible gaming framework needing implementation – all included in the standard OMEGA package. The main benefit to OMEGA’s Operator client base,  is that they can focus their attention on acquiring and retaining new players in new markets, while OMEGA looks after the main framework, ensuring all activity is compliant and well within the regulatory requirements. While many gaming platforms and operators were made to consolidate their markets and focus their resources on a slimmed-down market plan, OMEGA has powered through strong, opening up lucrative key markets to clients far and wide. 

Another such solution to meet many regulatory requirements is the innovation of the OMEGA Data Vault, a provider of uniform regulatory data storage, and yet another addition to OMEGA’s standard package. Developed with traceability and security purposes in mind, this is one of OMEGA’s more recent products, and one which has played a major role in easing up their clients’ workload and worries. The Data Vault, or Control Database, is totally configurable, and the Data Vault Output Schema can easily be tailored to any and all jurisdiction-specific requirements. It’s been a hugely successful launch for the OMEGA team, and again, an example of how they’ve truly powered through the pandemic to hone their skills and resources and come out the other side flying. 

With countless products and developments being added to their already-superior package, OMEGA has proven that the how-to guide for surviving the pandemic was simple: a robust, agile and dedicated team, a readiness to listen to clients’ needs, and a willingness to innovate and overcome challenges. Though they’re not one to boast, they thrive in challenge and consistently deliver fantastic products – the team will be ready and waiting for you at Stand S24 at SiGMA Europe in Malta this year.