ACMA blocks 96 illegal offshore gambling websites


The ACMA has today published its action report on interactive gambling between July to September 2022.

The focus is on affiliate services that promote and drive traffic to illegal online casinos. These sites often appear as independent reviewers of gambling services. They give direct links to illegal gambling services, regularly receiving a commission for click-throughs.

The ACMA targeted investigations into 20 affiliate services. This disrupts the marketing and supply of illegal online gambling services in Australia. These services were found to b in breach of the ban on advertising illegal gambling services under the IGA and aiding the act of providing illegal gambling services.

Of the 314 enquiries and complaints received, 275 (87%) were valid complaints we could investigate under the IGA. The increase in complaints received in August was due to over 90 anonymous complaints about affiliate services.

AMCA have continued website blocking of services found in breach of the IGA. The majority are casino-style services offering games like blackjack, roulette, poker and slots. A number of the sites also provided wagering services without an Australian licence.

It is an offence to provide or advertise these types of services to customers in Australia. In total 96 websites related to illegal gambling and affiliate advertising services, and include alternate sites that have been blocked.