French operators to limit World Cup advertising 


After having recorded unprecedented advertising pressure in favor of gambling during the Euro football tournament in 2021, the ANJ had adopted in February 2022, following a wide public consultation, a plan of ambitious actions to “de-intensify” advertising pressure on all communication media (television, radio, display and digital) and strengthen the protection of minors and at-risk audiences, particularly on digital levers.

This two-part plan included, on the one hand, guidelines for the content of commercial communications and, on the other hand, recommendations for reducing advertising pressure on all media channels and protecting minors and vulnerable audiences.

In order to implement this action plan operationally, four charters have been signed by the professionals concerned, testifying to their strong commitments to moderate advertising pressure and promote responsible advertising to prevent gambling by minors and vulnerable groups.

Firstly, under the aegis of ARCOM, the two existing charters applicable to television and radio have been revised .They take up the recommendation of the ANJ consisting in limiting from 4 to 3 advertisements for gambling and games of chance per advertising screen.

Secondly, the posting charter is new . It brings together professionals in the sector who undertake to exclude advertising communication in favor of gambling in the immediate vicinity of schools and addictology care structures and to limit visual advertising pressure at train stations and metro stations. . They will make spaces available to the ANJ to deploy poster campaigns to prevent the risk of excessive gambling.

Finally, the charter for responsible digital advertising brings together all gambling operators authorized in France as well as advertising professionals who are members of the Digital Alliance. It is a major sectoral agreement, signed by all gambling operators, which is an unprecedented initiative in terms of digital advertising. It should make it possible to better control the commercial communications of operators published on social networks, platforms, mobile applications, websites, as well as those of influencers and ambassadors. The operators also undertake to protect minors from advertising on gambling and not to exert advertising pressure on vulnerable audiences, in particular young people and excessive gamblers.

The implementation of these four charters will be subject to annual monitoring by the ANJ. For Isabelle FALQUE-PIERROTIN  : “ Following Euro 2020, the ANJ initiated an ambitious action plan to moderate the content of advertisements for gambling and the advertising pressure to which the public is exposed. A few days before the start of the World Cup, the signing of these charters in a spirit of co-regulation is a strong signal from all the players concerned to promote responsible advertising. The period ahead of us is crucial because it will allow everyone to verify that advertising in the gambling sector has changed and that the commitments made are respected. »