British racing’s leaders agree on new governance structure for the sport to deliver unity and strategic leadership

Finance News

British racing’s leaders have today agreed upon a new governance structure for the sport, which will allow for the development and implementation of a new industry strategy to secure racing’s future.

Following a Racecourse Association (RCA) EGM this morning (Monday 14 November 2022), a restructure of the BHA’s corporate governance arrangements has now been agreed, with new Articles of Association to be adopted following the signing by the sport’s Member bodies of a special resolution and new Members’ Agreement.

The new structure enshrines, as standing committees of the BHA’s Board, a new Commercial Committee and Integrity Advisory Committee, with a new Industry Programme Group also created, all three designed to drive forward the sport’s main areas of strategic focus.

Julie Harrington, Chief Executive of the BHA, said: “The agreement of a new governance structure is an important step along the road to developing an industry strategy to secure the future prosperity of racing in Britain.

“This new structure not only provide a platform upon which progress can be established, but also clarifies the BHA’s role as the sport’s governing body and regulator. Acting on behalf of our membersat the Racecourse Association and The Thoroughbred Group, I am confident that this structure will lead to better informed decisions on commercial and strategic matters.