WorldMatch rises among the champions of economic growth in Italy

Finance News

The new edition of the “Champions of Growth” survey by the German ITQF Institute, the prestigious project created in partnership with La Repubblica Affari & Finanza, has selected 800 excellences of the Italian economy, including WorldMatch, which earned 139th place.

The ranking is drawn up after a careful selection of the companies that drive the economy, based on the average annual growth generated in the past year.

The 800 Champions of Growth 2023 were presented on 07.11.2022 in a special on La Repubblica Affari & Finanza and online on the Repubblica website.

“Being part of the magnificent 800 is the visible and official proof of one’s business success and at the same time a concrete opportunity to demonstrate one’s entrepreneurial ability, attracting new business opportunities, talents and investors. Being on the list of Growth Champions not only increases the company’s knowledge and reputation as an employer, but also conveys to potential employees the idea of ​​having great prospects for the future. The selected companies have the right to obtain the relevant ITQF quality seal “, declares to Repubblica Affari & Finanza (partner of the prestigious project) Christian Biecker, director of the ITQF.

“WorldMatch’s team is honored with this recognition; our commitment is paying off with extraordinary results, despite the difficult years of the pandemic. By registering an important growth, we have probably also positively influenced the development of our country and this is a great source of pride for us. ” Commented Andrea Boratto, CEO of WorldMatch.