Lottoland debut first online Keno game in Australia


Lottoland Australia has unveiled plans to launch its new game KenoGO – exclusively available in the state of Victoria with the world’s largest Keno Jackpot $20m (AUD).

This world record jackpot significantly exceeds the previous highest ever pay-out of any Keno Prize in Australian history ($10.3m AUD in May 2022).

The Victoria State Government’s decision to award Lottoland Australia a 20-year Keno license and swift product approval has made the company the first to legally offer Keno online in Victoria and will open up the mobile market. The license, which was awarded earlier this year, is the first dual license to be awarded by any Australian state.

Lottoland’s KenoGO launch on 30th December will be supported by a full media campaign in 2023 and reinforces Lottoland’s position as a world leader in the digitalisation of gaming offerings and the world’s largest Jackpots.

Nigel Birrell, CEO of Lottoland said: “We are excited to offer consumers in Victoria the opportunity to enjoy Keno online on their devices for the first time ever, and we are grateful to the Victoria State Government for making this possible.

“This is a huge milestone, made even bigger by our decision to offer the world’s largest Keno jackpot of $20m, at KenoGO’s Victoria launch.  Our insurance model gives Lottoland the unique ability to offer such high jackpots, without reliance on pools.

“We are excited to add to Lottoland’s varied online offering, and to be leading the way when it comes to the availability of Keno games online and harm minimisation tools.”