XLMedia and Newsweek Sign Exclusive Sports Content Partnership Deal

Business News

XLMedia announces a new partnership with Newsweek to exclusively supply premium sports betting content for the global news brand, reaching 50M unique readers across the U.S. each month. XLMedia will supply the exclusive content through its Sports Betting Dime brand.

Newsweek represents XLMedia’s largest national media partner to date, offering substantial audience reach across the US in both current states with legalised online sports betting and future states as sports betting continues to legalise across the country. 

XLMedia has an industry-leading media partnership business offering prominent publishers across the U.S. and Canadaaccess to high quality commercial content and high-value advertiser relationships.  The partnership is enhanced by Newsweek’s strong readership due to the decades of authority built from its high-quality news reporting, well-known magazine publication and daily destination website, newsweek.com.

Within the agreement, XLMedia will focus on creating highly engaging sports betting content while also managing commercial deals with regulated sportsbook operators and executing proven monetisation strategies. The deal provides Newsweek a new opportunity in content commerce and a new content offering for its audience.  The company expects this deal to make an initial contribution to revenue in 2023 with the potential to grow over the medium term.

David King CEO, XLMedia commented: “We are thrilled to partner with Newsweek, adding another high-quality publisher to our partnership business, and we look forward to working with them. This partnership is an important part of expanding our reach in existing legal sports betting states while also laying the ground to reach new audiences when new states legalise online sports betting.”