Galaxsys wins the Game Innovation of the Year: Starlet Awards 2022 

Event News

Galaxsys, the creative gaming studio that was founded almost a year ago, has already had an enormous scope of successful events and news to share since the beginning of the year.

Last month, the newly founded company announced its first-ever award from Sigma Europe Awards, received during the SiGMA Europe Summit in Malta on November 14-18 2022.

In less than no time, Galaxsys games studio announced its second award during its first year in the industry.  This time, the company received an award from a market-leading iGaming business publisher and multimedia company – 5 Star iGaming Media Starlet Awards in the category of Game Innovation of the Year. 

Even though GALAXSYS was founded only a year ago, during this year, the company has already come a long way and succeeded in forming a highly professional team consisting of 60+ iGaming veterans. The team is focused on continually improving both the range and variety of in-house developed games, to deliver a stream of fresh, entertaining, and engaging games to its 150+ partners with thousands of users worldwide.