Bet365 profit drops nearly a third despite 2% revenue rise

Finance News

Gambling giant Bet365 saw a slight revenue increase by 2% to £2,852.0m for the financial year of 2021 from £2,788.6m the previous year.

Gaming revenues were up 25% as gaming product offering improved. Active customers rose by 48% in the year. Operating profit decreased year-on-year to £15.4m. Founder Denise Coates was paid £213m of salary and a £45m dividend.

The Group made charitable contributions during the period of £105.7m to the Denise Coates Foundation. The Denise Coates Foundation is a registered charity created for the purposes of charitable giving.

In the annual report, Ms Coates – who is bet365’s highest paid director – said: “I am pleased to report that the Group continued to make considerable progress during the period, particularly in the priority area of safer gambling, where significant investment and developments have been made.