Kentucky introduces sports betting bill

Sports Betting

Kentuckians pushing for the legalization of sports betting during this year’s regular session. Several other lawmakers who are in favour of the move which failed in the state senate last year.

“I don’t want to take bets on whether we can pass sports betting or not but I think it’s something we should have. I think it’s a natural extension of Kentucky’s long history and tradition of wagering on horse racing,” says Republican Senator Damon Thayer from Georgetown.

As of January first of this year, all of Kentucky’s border states except for Missouri have legalized sports betting. Some Kentuckians go so far as to leave the state to place bets on college and professional-level games.

“We’re at a competitive disadvantage right now with the states around us, and it’ll put that competitive edge back to us,” says Henry Graffeo, The Mint Gaming Hall in Cumberland vice president and general manager. “People would come in to do sports betting just like they would do horse race betting or even gambling on the HHR machines. It would give us more of a recognition in the competitive states like Tennessee, who has sports betting.”

Governor Beshear said during his State of the Commonwealth address Wednesday night and again during a Team Kentucky update Thursday he plans to file legislation to legalize sports betting.