Have a fest and make it count, WorldMatch presents Goblin’s Tavern


It’s a dark cold night and you’ve stumbled into an unexpected place. A goblin’s tavern, where everyone is chipping the glasses, cracking the plates and chanting in front of the fireplace. Get ready to taste fish heads, tentacles of octopus, squid and even jellyfish.

This brand new WorldMatch slot contains Free Spins, Bonus Games and Meet Bonus.
In the bonus game the players will follow a drinking competition, three goblins will challenge each other and the first one to drink three bottles wins the accumulated multiplier.

This game includes also a meet bonus, if two fish symbols meet on the same line, they pay a win based on the line bet amount.The Wild Symbol is sticky during Free Spins, it moves from right to left at each successive spin until it disappears after reaching the first column on the left. Are you ready to get drunk and party with goblins?