North Dakota mulls regulated sports betting 


North Dakota voters could legalize sports betting next year under a proposed measure. The House Judiciary Committee on Monday, Jan. 10, heard House Concurrent Resolution 3002, brought by Rep. Greg Stemen, R-Fargo. A similar measure passed the House in 2021, but failed narrowly (twice) in the Senate.

The measure would amend the state constitution — which requires a public vote — and would “authorize sports betting to be conducted in the state and licensed and regulated by the state.” Voters would get the measure in the November 2024 general election if the Legislature approves.

Stemen said sports betting is already taking place in North Dakota, technically illegally and without a regulatory framework; according to American Gaming Association data he cited, as many as 138,000 North Dakotans are betting over $300 million annually, including $30 million in revenues to offshore betting books. Such offshore entities are in Panama, Latvia and Antigua, he said.