Galaxysys seals partnership with Quantum Gaming

Games Integrations

The creative gaming studio, GALAXSYS, has announced its new deal with one of the fastest-growing turnkey casino and white-label solution providers in the iGaming industry- Quantum Gaming.

Quantum Gaming with its team of experts with over 20 years of gaming experience is a growing iGaming company offering a wide range of solutions that cater to the E-Sports, online gambling industries, and complete, turnkey casinos. Besides offering diverse features, Quantum Gaming equips casino and sportsbook operators with present-day and 100% hassle-free white-label and turnkey solutions. 

Oliver de Bono, Quantum Gaming CEO commented: “When you ask casino owners what is most important to their business, most will answer plain and simple – steady and profitable growth. And that’s exactly what Galaxsys offers with its new and refreshing gaming content. We are very optimistic about the cooperation with Galaxsys and believe that we can grow together.”

Galaxsys is a fast-growing gaming studio that offers a wide range of over 15 fast and skill games. Despite being new to the iGaming industry, Galaxsys has already come a long way and succeeded in forming a highly professional team consisting of 60+ iGaming veterans. Additionally, the team exhibited in more than 8 global expos and won three prestigious awards in 2022.

Teni Grigoryan, Head of the Sales Department of Galaxsys, remarked: “We’re absolutely delighted to announce this cooperation and are certain it is going to be a successful one. We see it as a big opportunity both for us and Quantum team to grow bigger and achieve the mutually set goals. Quantum’s flexible approach and Galaxsys trendy and quality games are a perfect combination for success.

Gil Soffer, SVP of Sales and Business Development, added: “What unites Quantum Gaming and Galaxsys is the desire to constantly bring something new and innovative to the industry. Galaxsys has a roadmap of 30 new games for this year, including additional Crash games, Turbo, Plinko games, and much more. I am certain Quantum Gaming is also planning to exceed its last year’s success and enter 2023 with an even better offering.
Thus, we strongly believe in the absolute success of our newest partnership with Quantum Gaming.”

This latest cooperation by the fast-growing Galaxsys gaming studio strengthens its global presence by adding one more reliable partner to its 150+ partners worldwide.