FansUnite’s McBookie achieves 44% gross win Increase

Finance News

FansUnite Entertainment is pleased to report that the Company’s wholly-owned UK-based subsidiary, McBookie, has recorded significant year-on-year turnover and gross win growth for both sportsbook and casino segments.

Annual turnover in 2022 across both channels increased to £44.8 million GBP as compared to
£36.6 million GBP in 2021, an increase of 22%. Sportsbook turnover increased 26% to £16.5
million GBP from £13.1 million GBP, while casino turnover grew by 20% to £28.4 million GBP
from £23.6 million GBP.

Gross win across both channels increased by 44% to £2.35 million GBP from £1.63 million
GBP, with McBookie’s gross margin increasing to £1.0 million GBP in 2022 from £0.6 million in
2021, or 43% and 36% respectively, expressed as a percentage of revenues.

“Once again, McBookie has proven to be the dominant force in the Scottish sportsbook and
casino marketplace,” said Scott Burton, CEO of FansUnite. “By realizing another 44% gross win
increase last year on top of its 54% gross win increase in 2021, McBookie has demonstrated its
ability to maintain a strong connection with its loyal customer base as well as activate new
bettors. Overall, we are delighted with McBookie’s continued growth and we believe McBookie
is positioned for a record-breaking 2023.”

Furthermore, McBookie had the most profitable month of the year in December 2022 with over
£144,000 GBP in gross margin, as a result of the recent 2022 FIFA World Cup. The Company
also delivered strong results in October and November 2022, with gross margins of £109,000
GBP and £105,000 GBP, respectively.