KSA fines 18bet.com €900,000 for operating in the Netherlands without a licence


The Dutch Gaming Authority (KSA) has imposed a fine of 900 thousand euros to Malta based Shark77 Ltd. Shark77 gave players in the Netherlands the opportunity to participate in games of chance without the required license via 18bet.com. Because Shark77 has violated this prohibition, a fine has been imposed.

Offering online games of chance is only allowed with a license from the Gaming Authority. This is subject to strict rules and regulations aimed at ensuring that there is a safe legal offer, whereby players are assured of fair play and are protected against gambling addiction.

A licensed provider of online games of chance has costs that illegal providers of online games of chance do not have to incur. In addition, illegal providers do not pay any tax in the Netherlands and are not restricted in the conduct of their business by the strict rules of the Betting and Gaming Act and the associated licensing regulations.

This allows illegal providers to offer a different offer, for example by offering games of chance that are prohibited for license holders. René Jansen, chairman of the Ksa: ‘These providers can thus have an attractive effect on players and jeopardize the channeling to the legal offer. We consider this serious and highly undesirable. Dutch players deserve the good protection of providers with a license from the Gaming Authority.”