FanDuel Sportsbook bettors exposed in Mailchimp breach

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FanDuel became the latest Mailchimp client to advise customers of a potential wave of security risks in the wake of the incident.  

Reports over the weekend revealed that the sports betting site issued a warning to users, urging them to “remain vigilant” of phishing e-mails.  

“Recently, we were informed by a third party technology vendor that sends transactional e-mails on behalf of its clients like FanDuel that they had experienced a security breach within their system that impacted several of their clients,” read an e-mail distributed to users.  

FanDuel added that the vendor in question had confirmed that customer names and e-mail addresses were “acquired by an unauthorised actor”.

“No customer passwords, financial account information, or other personal information was acquired in this incident,” the e-mail read.  

“Remain vigilant against e-mail “phishing” attempts claiming an issue with your FanDuel account that requires providing personal or private information to resolve the problem,” the e-mail added.  

“FanDuel will never e-mail customers directly and request personal information to resolve an issue.”