Internet Vikings joins the Indian Gaming Association 

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Global hosting provider Internet Vikings continues to strengthen its positions in the United States by becoming a Member of Indian Gaming Association (IGA).

A strategic move which allows for new long-term partnerships and introduces the B2B iGaming and online sports betting supplier to yet unexplored segments of the U.S. gambling market.

Internet Vikings began its U.S. expansion over three years ago shortly after the very first states instituted their online gaming and sports betting laws following the Supreme Court having revoked the federal ban on sports betting.

Launching its operations in one legalized market after the other, the company soon became a reputable name in the U.S. hosting not only among European enterprises growing across the Atlantic, but well-established national industry players too.

As per agreement, the latter, already well-established in this state, would be delivering their specialized cloud hosting services to the client starting as of summer 2022. As the situation progressed, Internet Vikings began to explore alternative avenues allowing it to form new alliances and increase its presence across the market, leading the company to becoming an Associate Member of IGA.

Rickard Vikström, Founder and CEO of Internet Vikings: “I think of the U.S. iGaming and online sports betting market as complex and unique, with multiple layers to it, and each of them presents a wealth of opportunities.”

He continues explaining that Internet Vikings always asks what the next challenge to solve should be, and how it can be of service to even more businesses. “After our team had visited the Indian Gaming Tradeshow & Convention in 2022, it became absolutely evident that becoming an IGA Member would be of great value.”

Rickard ads : “Native American Tribes have a long-rooted history of gaming. They are an important integral part of the United States wagering tradition, and it is crucial that we find ways to support them. I look forward to working with the newly acquired partners and am optimistic that iGaming and Indian gaming traditions will join forces in the future.”