Ladbrokes and Powerleague team up for five-a-side football matches 


Throughout 2023, Ladbrokes will be offering football players a free game of 5-a side football as part of their ‘Prime-Time Pitch’ promotion, where one lucky team will win a four-week pitch hire slot during Powerleague Glasgow peak time from 7pm onwards on a Thursday evening.

The new initiative will be available to football players at every level, whether they are a competitive 5-a-side team, an after-work club, or a group of friends who fancy a kick-about.

The offer, which is available at ten different Powerleague sites across the UK and Ireland including Powerleague Glasgow, will give players the chance to access pitches worth up to £400 each month.

The partnership also includes a nationwide 5-a-side football tournament, offering players across the country the chance to be crowned the best 5-a-side team in the UK. It consists of four qualifying rounds and a final which will take place in Birmingham on July 1.

Head of Brand for Ladbrokes, Kelly Rose said: “We can’t wait to kick off this partnership with Powerleague. It will help Ladbrokes build a presence at the heart of football culture and entertainment, and really underlines our ‘We Play Together’ proposition.

“We want to give players of all levels the opportunity to have a chance of claiming a pitch at a prime time for free and our first ever national tournament promises to mix football with popular culture in a way that has never been done before.”