Dutch Gambling Authority issues €350,000 fine to Bingoal for RG failings


The Dutch Gaming Authority (Ksa) has imposed a fine of 350,000 euros on online gambling provider Bingoal. Bingoal allowed players for a number of days in June 2022 without consulting the Central Register of Exclusions from Games of Chance.

This lists players who, from the point of view of protection against gambling addiction, do not have access to high-risk games of chance. To consult Cruks, a valid PKI certificate is required that guarantees secure information exchange. Bingoal’s certificate had expired. As a result, Bingoal could not check players for a registration as required by law, but it still allowed players to participate in high-risk games of chance.

It took about 3 days for Bingoal to get a new PKI certificate and regain access to Cruks. Bingoal allowed players during this period. Bingoal shouldn’t have done that; the law says that a player may only gain access to a high-risk game of chance after a game provider has determined that the player in question is not registered in Cruks. Cruks is an important tool to combat gambling addiction and to protect players against the undesirable effects of gambling.