Swashbuckle birds

The time of pirates ruling the high seas are over. Outwitted, outsmarted, and outplayed by the Fearful Four, who once belonged on their captains’ shoulders, they now reign the seas as Pirots!

Pirots is a 5×5 grid, shiver me timbers slot. Introducing the CollectR™ mechanic, Pirots comes with expanding game grid, symbol upgrade, symbol transform, wilds, coin wins, a bonus game, and a max potential of 10 000x bet.

Bonus game

Bonus is triggered if the birds collect three bonus symbols during a game round. Grid size, win level of gems, and feature meter are persistent throughout the bonus game.

Game Features

Pirots introduces the CollectR™ game mechanic, a brand new way of paying out wins. Possibly the easiest to grasp for players. Each symbol pays out its value as long as the color of the gem matches with the colour of its respective collector. No need to think about how many or few you pick up. As long as the color matches it’s a win.

Feature meter & feature symbols
Each symbol collected adds to the feature meter. Once full, it awards three chests of feature symbols. The different features are Coin wins, Wilds, Grid expander, Symbol upgrade, Symbols transform and Bonus symbols.

X-iter™ allows players to jump straight into the action with 5 different game modes ranging from a 3x bet with more than four times the chance to land a bonus, to a 500x bet Super Bonus with Max grid size and upgrade feature upgrades all gems.. More info about X-iter™

Fun Fact
In 18th century London, parrots were popular pets and pirates got good prices for them at the bird markets. Pirates use to offer them as presents to officials to bribe them.