Lawmakers introduce sports betting bill in Kentucky House

Sports Betting

A bill sports fans in the Commonwealth have been hoping for has been filed in the state House of Representatives.

Filed by Rep. Michael Meredith, R-Oakland, House Bill 551 would modify state law to expand betting beyond just horse racing.

Under the new bill, things like professional sporting events, such as the NFL or NBA games, NCAA games, amateur sports and e-sports all could be bet on.

Betting would only be offered at one of the state’s horse racing tracks — or through a company who partners with one. Those companies, such as Draft Kings or MGM, could offer betting though a phone app or website.

The Kentucky Horse Racing Commission would manage sports betting in the state.

“Each horse racing track would be able to partner with three sports wagering companies to offer mobile apps or in person betting at their tracks and their extension facilities or satellite facilities that they have for HHR,” Meredith said.