Superbet removes Romanian commercial ads

Responsible Gambling

Superbet Group officially announces that they will remove all commercial messages from its out-of-home advertising. This measure will be implemented in the first half of this year, throughout the entire territory of Romania.

Superbet, as leader of the sports betting industry in Romania, has developed a sustainable business strategy, in which responsible gaming and community involvement are major pillars.

In this context, the company publicly confirms that it will remove all commercial messages from its out-of-home advertising, in the first half of this year. The removal process of these banners will commence in the near future, with Superbet committing to the fact that they will only keep outdoor advertising which promotes responsible gaming.

Furthermore, Superbet will also remove all type of out-of-home advertising banners, irrespective of size or type of messaging, which are located closer than 100 meters from high school education facilities.

This self-regulation initiative, unique in the Romanian market, further demonstrates that Superbet maintains a constant and open dialogue with regulators, while also cooperating with local and international experts in matters of sustainability and responsible gaming.