Veikkaus revenue dips to €1.07bn in 2022

Finance News

The actual revenues of Veikkaus Group’s business in 2022 was 1,070.8 million. Parent company revenue from gaming operations for the 2022 fiscal year, i.e. gaming margin, was 1,070.6 million. euro (-2.7% compared to 2021).

The year 2022 was the first full year after the start of the corona epidemic, when all Veikkaus gaming halls and two casinos were open the whole year. Also, almost all slot machines were open normally throughout the year, which is why the gaming margin generated by Veikkaus’ slot machines, 164.6 million euro, increased by 15.1 percent compared to the previous year.

However, consumer behavior in brick-and-mortar stores has not returned to the same as it was before the corona virus, which is reflected in the number of visitors to Veikkaus’ arcades. In addition, the mandatory loss limits for automatic gaming in 2021 have decreased the volume of gaming in automatic gaming. The war in Ukraine and the resulting general consumer uncertainty and decrease in purchasing power have also contributed to the demand for Veikkaus’ games, says Veikkaus’ CFO Regina Sippel.