Relum: Hitting the jackpot


Relum’s Product Manager Hasmik Gevorgyan talk’s about the Company’s Jackpot Tool. 

In this interview, Hasmik Gevorgyan, the product manager of Relum, who are redefining the vision of a Casino Engine to deliver a rich game portfolio and promotional tools such as Jackpot, Tournament, and Free Games for B2B iGaming Solutions. Today, Hasmik talks about the company’s Jackpot Tool, designed to significantly boost partners’ key retention metrics, and increase players’ lifetime value.

What makes the Relum Jackpot Tool stand out from other jackpot solutions on the market? 

What our Jackpot tool does best is that it allows our partners to stay as flexible as possible in engaging their players by launching fully customizable campaigns. Our partners can enjoy the freedom of simplicity when integrating and managing the Jackpot tool. Relum’s Jackpot offers access to over 14,000 games available in our games portfolio, local and network campaign opportunities, multi-level and winning probability adjustments, customizable single or community winning options, and so on. And I haven’t even mentioned our fantastic friction-free zero-code widgets for real-time display of jackpot pools. Our widget can visualize jackpot-related information with just a couple of clicks and is easily set up on the partner’s website. I believe our solution does stand out because of how multi-faceted it really is and how seamless it makes the whole process of jackpot marketing operations.

Can you walk us through the process of Jackpot set-up? How easy is it for online casino operators to set up and manage Jackpots using this tool?  

The Jackpot tool is available through Relum’s back office given that the partner already has our game aggregation up and running. The process is smooth and only takes a couple of minutes to make the relevant configurations. After that, Relum’s zero-code widgets are customized to adapt to partners’ brand design and can be simply integrated into partners’ websites. Though the process itself is quite intuitive and simple, our team provides full support and is available for any questions at any time. 

With Relum’s portfolio of over 14,000 games, how does the Jackpot tool perform with all of them? Are there any limitations to what games can be used for Jackpots?  

Relum’s game portfolio keeps increasing, and I’m sure we will be soon talking about 15, 16, or even 17 thousand available games. Given the fast pace of our growth, we made sure the Jackpot tool performs well across all games and all providers unconditionally. Our partners are free to choose which games and providers they include in their Jackpot campaigns. So there are really no limits in this part, be it thousands of games from different game providers or just one game that partners want to use in their campaigns.

The Jackpot tool offers both single and community-winning options. Can you explain how this works and how it can help casino operators drive player lifetime value?  

Sure, this is how it works. Generally, the whole idea of a jackpot is one person making that one lucky play for millions that change their life forever. The community winning feature can help operators distribute the jackpot prize pool between several players instead. As always with Relum’s Jackpot tool, the proportions of winning amounts distributed between players are easily configurable by partners based on the campaign. I believe this option drives more player engagement because everyone can feel more involved in a jackpot. 

Relum communicates about zero-code opportunities in using the Jackpot tool. Is it really so simple? 

We highly value the time of our partners and make our products as time-efficient operations-wise as possible. Our partners may have their own priorities and workload for their technical departments. If we can ease the process on our side, we do it unconditionally. When it comes to the Jackpot tool, we do not just provide data but also care for its easy display on the casino website. All it takes is to customize the widget with Relum’s simple interface and add the code to the operator’s website for real-time presentation of jackpot pools. The design possibilities are also in line with the latest UX trends as we have carefully studied the industry’s best practices and made this widget easily adaptable to our partners’ brand design. 

All in all, Relum’s Jackpot tool is an efficient and innovative solution that will significantly drive player engagement!

It was a pleasure to find out the details about Relum’s Jackpot Tool thanks to the expert opinion of Hasmik Gevorgyan, and we look forward to seeing the Jackpot tool among the best-performing tools on the market.