Galaxsys rollout four new games


Galaxsys, a rising star in the fast and skill games vertical, announced four new games for operators to increase player engagement and revenue opportunities.  

The games Jungle Wheel, Ninja Crash, Crasher, and Roulette X further expand the companies over 22+ fast and skill games portfolio.  

Senior Vice President of Sales and Business Development Gil Soffer said: “We continue to consolidate our positioning in the market with fast and skill games and tools that appeal to digital players looking for something new and exciting but simultaneously provide our partners with revenue opportunities.” 

The games shall be unveiled and demonstrated at the upcoming SAGSE Latam in Buenos Aires. Jungle Wheel is our game with three different-sized wheels placed on each other. Each wheel consists of 5 sectors of different colours. The game’s goal is to have the matching colour combination for the highlighted sector on the top of the wheel. Ninja Crash is a turbo-type game where the player needs to slice the cakes that bounce on the screen by swiping over them or clicking on them. The aim of the game is to cut the cakes, thus getting winning odds.  

In Crasher, players place bets before the game starts, then wait until the Crasher hits the ground and the crack begins to grow. And finally, in Roulette X, the player must predict the number where the ball will land after spinning on the roulette wheel and place one or more bets on that number with several Inside Bets & Outside Bets options for players.   

Soffer added: “The combination of our fast and skill games set us apart in the traditional slots vertical and appeals to the more discerning player looking for a quicker pace of gameplay. We look forward to feedback from our partners on the games and tools at the SAGSE Latam show.”