Holland Casino revenue jumps by €449m

Finance News

After the reopening of the branches at the end of January 2022 and the end of the restrictive corona measures a month later, Holland Casino colleagues were finally able to get back to work.

Holland Casino Online also made a cautious contribution to the result in the first full year. External factors such as labor market tightness and inflation had a major impact on business operations in 2022. Other challenges related to the rapid succession of developments in online gambling.
Key figures 2022:

The gross income before gambling tax in 2022 amounted to €753.8 million, an increase of €449.6 million compared to 2021 (€304.2 million);

Result (before corporation tax) of € 23.7 million in 2022 (-/- € 64.3 million in 2021); he result after tax amounts to € 17.0 million (-/- € 45.7 million in 2021)

The revenue of Holland Casino Online in the first full year amounted to € 145.5 million (€ 40.4 million in 2021 from the moment of launch on 4 October. Tax debt decreases to € 248.6 million (€ 281.9 million in 2021);The number of visits to the land-based locations increased to 4.1 million (1.7 million in 2021).
In addition, due to staff shortages due to tightness on the labor market, the full range was not always available.

From the point of view of the channeling objective, this is a highly undesirable situation and Holland Casino aims to have the range of games back in order by 2023. The average spending per visit decreased slightly in 2022 (€147 in 2022, 4% less than in 2021). In 2022, Holland Casino will start repaying the tax debt accrued during the corona period, including a one-off additional repayment of € 51.7 million. Partly thanks to the restructuring initiated in 2020 and cost management, a result after tax of € 17.0 million was achieved in 2022. Holland Casino Online made a cautious contribution to the result in the first full year.

Petra de Ruiter, Chief Executive Officer: “For me personally, 2022 was all about getting to know the organization and colleagues at Holland Casino. One of the highlights was that we were able to festively open the new branches in Venlo and Utrecht. This showed how colleagues do everything they can to provide guests with a fun and surprising afternoon or evening out with safe, honest and reliable play.