Bet365 hit with SEK79m penalty in Sweden


The Swedish Gaming Authority believes that Hillside (Gaming) and Hillside (Sports) T/A Bet365 have not taken sufficient measures to protect players against excessive gambling.

They have not helped players reduce their gambling when there has been reason to do so. Among other things, they have offered their customers to play without specifying deposit limits per day, week and month.

The companies have also not worked proactively and risk-based enough in cases where customers exhibit gambling behavior that is deemed problematic. In general, it has taken too long before the two companies took measures to prevent continued risky gambling. Through this, the companies have breached the duty of care according to the Gambling Act (2018:1138) and the Gambling Ordinance (2018:1475).

The Gambling Inspectorate also notes that the original action plans lacked a description of what measures should be taken in the event of excessive gambling for young players (18-24 years) and for those who had previously been suspended.

Hillside Sports must pay a penalty fee of SEK 79,000,000.