IBIA confirms 40 suspicious betting alerts in Q1


The International Betting Integrity Association’s (IBIA) latest quarterly Integrity Report reported 40 incidents of suspicious betting activity identified by its members, who represent nearly 50% of all commercial online betting globally and over US$137 billion in sports betting turnover.

IBIA’s Q1 report also highlights the importance of establishing effective integrity solutions across Latin America, particularly in Brazil, and the significant role that IBIA’s regulated operators play in identifying and deterring potential manipulation. 

Football had the highest number of reported alerts globally. The 15 football alerts represent 38% of all alerts in Q1.The 12 tennis alerts reported in Q1 2023 represent a more than 50% decrease when compared to the average quarterly figure in 2022.Spain is the country with the highest number of Q1 alerts. The 8 alerts on sporting events in Spain equals the total number of alerts on Spanish events for the whole of 2022.