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Hmayak Arakelyan, Sales Team Manager.

Hmayak, you’re an industry veteran; when did you join Digitain?

I joined the business in August 2016 as an account manager and shall soon celebrate seven years with Digitain. I’ve held several roles within the company and my current role as Sales Team Manager for over two years.

What’s your remit?

My role involves leading an experienced team of professionals looking to Digitain for their complete platform needs.

This involves attending several global industry trade shows, which are unique for meeting existing and new partners.

Tell us about Centrivo.

Digitain has been a pioneering and leading provider of innovative sports betting and gaming platform technologies across global markets for several years.

With that, we have always taken digital-first and customer-first mantras. Before its counterparts, our business has embraced AI and ML technologies to enable it to become one of the world’s most potent and technologically adaptable in the iGaming sector.

Centrivo is an all-in-one, feature-rich iGaming platform. It is a centralised hub with all the essential components, including its award-winning GLI-certified sportsbook and the Paydrom payment gateway. 

The platform comes with all the tools and mechanisms required for effective risk management, brand management, data analysis and monitoring, cashier and customer interface customisation, and player profile management and categorisation. It includes multi-language and multi-currency support, a full reporting suite, and player-focused automation. Centrivo makes it possible to set up your brand within minutes.

Paydrom, our payment gateway, is an effective and comprehensive solution integrated with over 400 leading international payment providers. We empower our partners to process deposits, transfers, and withdrawals securely and swiftly securely and swiftly for iGaming. Paydrom offers various payment processing solutions, including card payments, e-wallets, bank transfers, and crypto transactions. We give our partners and their players the freedom to perform online transactions safely, wherever they might be.