Galaxsys Revolutionizing The Non-Traditional Gaming Market


Gil Soffer, Senior Vice President of Sales and Business Development.

What is the idea behind Galaxsys?

The company was established in 2021 as a gaming studio dedicated to providing a cutting-edge gaming experience to our partners and their players across multiple global markets.

Our portfolio consists of over 18+ fast and skill games, several crash games, fast table games, keno, and Asian games, focusing on innovation and player engagement. GalaxsysFast Gamesportfolio includes a range of instant, crash, mines, and plinko games designed for players who enjoy quick winning experiences. We aim to provide 30 new fast games by the end of 2023. 

In addition to our Fast Games portfolio, we offer Skill Gamesthat include traditional games like dominoes and backgammon and new and innovative concepts such as Hexagon. These skill-based games challenge players’ strategic thinking and provide competitive gaming experiences. 

What innovation are you and your team most proud of?

Galaxsys is still a relatively new player in the market.  While we are young as a company, we have a team of 60+ experienced and creative iGaming veterans committed to providing products built with the latest technologies and innovative solutions. We are in the growth phase and signed agreements with tier-1 aggregators, and operators, and acquiring licenses in Italy, Spain, Sweden, Netherlands, Portugal, Switzerland, Colombia, and other major regulated markets.  Our brand vision is to be the leader of this segment in years to come.

Galaxsys is revolutionizing the non-traditional gaming market category. An example of this is our recent game, Cash Show, which was created in cooperation with Fashion TV Gaming Group – a fast game, and Hexagon – a popular and known board game that had never been done in the industry, demonstrating our commitment to innovation. 

Our latest additions include Ninja Crash, a highly popular social game that is now available in iGaming format, Crasher, a high-stakes game with unique and thrilling features that will keep players engaged, Jungle Wheel, a fast-paced turbo game that comes with an impressive and flexible bonus system, and Roulette X, a standout game in the roulette genre, featuring bonus rounds, lightning numbers, and other one-of-a-kind features.

A further one the whole team is proud of bringing more innovation to the market was the Half Cash Out functionality in the Crash-type games, which continues to enhance the fast and skilled digital games category. 

We looked at the overall market and saw a player experience gap. While these games are increasingly popular, the player experience is limited, as the functionality is an all-or-nothing approach to the cash out value. 

The team, therefore, developed the half-cash-out functionality. One of the critical benefits of this feature is that it gives players greater control over their betting behaviour without negatively impacting the margin rate of the game. This creates a win-win situation for both the operator and the players, increasing player satisfaction and engagement while maintaining profitability.

This resulted in player user satisfaction rate doubling and, across the network, a 30% increase in the number of bets placed in Crash games.

Galaxsys is proud to have developed this feature which has become the market standard for this type of game. This achievement is a testament to the team’s dedication and expertise in developing innovative and industry-leading products and putting the player at the centre of the experience.