Henrik Svensson increases ownership in Spiffbet

Finance News

Spiffbet’s CEO Henrik Svensson has bought 52,852,479 subscription rights in addition to the 1,201,591 subscription rights that he has been allocated in the ongoing rights issue.

Purchased subscription rights and assigned subscription rights give the right to subscribe for 54,054,070 shares. Thus, Henrik Svensson intends to subscribe for shares for a total of SEK 2 million. After the subscription, Henrik Svensson will own a total of 55,255,661 shares.

“For a long time I have wanted to increase my ownership in Spiffbet as I think we are on the right track and that we should be able to turn the company around. When I saw that the main owners are prepared to add capital to the company by converting their receivables, I also wanted to be involved and contribute capital.

The rights issue is an excellent opportunity for me to be involved in financing the company. Spiffbet is entering a new phase after we have made it through a tough period. The liquidation of the principal owners’ claims will make the company largely debt-free. My hope is that through the rights issue we will significantly strengthen the treasury and can continue to develop the business, both organically and through further acquisitions”, comments Spiffbet’s CEO, Henrik Svensson, on his investment in Spiffbet AB.