Galaxsys go live with Pariplay

Games Integrations

Galaxsys, a leading provider in the fast and skill games vertical, announced that it would integrate its Crash-style content portfolio of games into the Pariplay®, part of the NeoGames group, a leading aggregator and content provider.

Galaxsys Fast Games portfolio includes a range of instant, crash, mines, and plinko games designed for players who enjoy quick winning experiences within the non-traditional slots industry. Galaxsys Senior Vice President of Sales and Business Development Gil Soffer said: “Pariplay is a tier 1 aggregator and content platform with a global footprint.

We are pleased to offer our fast and skill games content, which shall be available via Pariplay’s Fusion® aggregation platform. Our portfolio comprises over eighteen fast and skill games, several crash games, fast table games, keno, and Asian games, and focuses on innovation and player engagement. We aim to provide thirty new fast games by the end of 2023.

“We, like Pariplay, are focussed on enhancing the player game experience, back-office conversion, and retention tools that enhance player value, of which both companies can leverage the combined expertise and resources to bring new and exciting opportunities to wider communities and players worldwide that Pariplay supplies.” Teni Grigoryan, Galaxsys Head of the Sales Department commented: “Our team are delighted to work with Pariplay, who are a leading business in all customer touch points regarding the integration and implementation of our game portfolio. We look forward to supporting Pariplay over the months ahead as our products increase.”