Relum: Solutions to make your gaming business scale


Emil Hakobyan, CEO of Relum. 

What is Relum’s offering in the iGaming supply chain? 

The casino game aggregation market is a popular model to allow operators access to content quickly and efficiently.  

We wished to redefine the category by not only making the integration endpoint more straightforward, which on a product level, Relum also provides access to over 14,000 games and currently 180+ casino and game studio providers.  

Our primary focus is to provide features, tools, and support services, given the amount of available gaming content through the game aggregation service, which can occasionally be overwhelming. Relum’s Partner Success Team are iGaming professionals with years of industry experience and can advise on the optimal content mix per brand per player region. With a dedicated success manager for each partner, we provide a tailored development program to develop the business. We use all the tools that sit on top of the content to maximise revenues and player engagement. 

Let’s talk about innovation; what has been the best success of Relum?  

Relum’s success is our partners’ success. That is one of our governing company values, and it drives our visions, ideas, and roadmaps. In a short space of time, we have delivered on several innovations and the fact; that we commenced operations in April 2022, and within a year, we increased the number of offered games increased from 8,000 to 14,000, making Relum one of the largest game aggregators on the global market.  

This demonstrates the core of our casino engine and the ability of that technology to scale quickly via a single API. The fact that Relum integrates not just games but delivers a comprehensive set of engagement tools to increase partners’ player retention and revenue is a testament to our continued growth in the market. 

In which markets is your company currently present, and what are your future growth plans?  

In terms of global markets, our partners now cover a wide geography from different continents. Our plan is to strengthen our positions in our current markets, increase our performance, and involve new customers by introducing our innovative products to more and more markets. In the future, when we reach the target of being fully represented in those markets, we will look towards Asia, as the Asian market is a very impressive and promising iGaming market for Relum casino solutions.  

The European market, alongside its traditional and undoubted iGaming status, is still one of the fastest-growing global markets. For a company that wants to operate in the European market, it is crucially important to follow not only local but also global trends, because the European market is a hub for innovation from all around the world. New products are continuously being developed in Europe as the continent generates stable demand.