Norsk Tipping implements lower mandatory loss limit


From 1 June, Norsk Tipping’s customers under the age of 20 will be able to lose a maximum of NOK 2,000 a month.

All Norsk Tipping’s customers are protected by a mandatory, maximum loss limit of NOK 20,000 per month. The limit applies across all games. The maximum limit is lower for the riskiest games.*

All Norsk Tipping’s games have an 18-year age limit. Until now, all customers have been subject to the same rules, but now the limits are differentiated for the youngest.

It is well documented that younger players are more vulnerable to developing gambling problems. Statistics from both the University of Bergen and the Helpline for gambling addicts show that the incidence of gambling problems is higher among younger players than in other age groups.
That’s what Norsk Tipping’s director of responsibility and communication, Tonje Sagstuen, says. She points out that the ability to control impulses is documented to be lower in young people.

The age limit of 20 years has been chosen because this age group is generally in the same life situation with school, studies or an apprenticeship, and has low, fixed incomes. Therefore, it can be assumed that the same measure will be suitable for the entire age group. However, Sagstuen is aware that there may be reactions to such discriminatory treatment of customers.

But, Norsk Tipping’s main purpose is to prevent gambling problems. In comparison, the alcohol law also differentiates between age groups over and under 20, she says. Today, Norsk Tipping has approx. 30,000 young players under the age of 20. About 2,000 of these have lost more than NOK 2,000 a month one or more times in the past year. From 1 June, the entire customer group will automatically have their maximum limit adjusted down to NOK 2,000.