Imagine Live: Creating a fresh take on live casino


Matthew Charlesworth, the Global CEO of Imagine Live.

Tell us about Imagine Live.

Imagine Live is a provider of live casino games broadcasting from our studios currently located in Yerevan Armenia. Later in 2023 we will also have a number of studios in Romania which brings us the opportunity to serve our content to a wider audience.

We are the most recent brand into this space, and we launched in May 2022. 

We want our partners players to discover unique experiences within our games, we have and still are working hard on not developing copy paste games or functionality, admittedly there are a few core fundamentals that are non-negotiable, but we are quite humble when describing our offer and most certainly do not use words like ‘disrupt’. We prefer to describe our product as fresh, and innovative; these are values that our whole team believes in and is what we commit to deliver.

You launched at ICE London 2023; was that a success?

ICE is such a huge platform to launch any business with the eyes of the world upon you.

There were a lot of sleepless nights planning and organising transportation, tech, and people logistics, and it was a little nerve-wracking in case our equipment didn’t make it in one piece.

I’m glad to say it was a huge success. We unveiled a new player-viewing experience of the Robot Arm for live Blackjack. It certainly got the attention of the industry.

What else is planned?

As I mentioned, we are focussed on a fresh take on existing products and themes and will not rest on our laurels. One of those new looks is Dynamite Roulette multiplier game. It now a non-negotiable to have a multiplier roulette in your portfolio and this is our take, with up to 10 multipliers per round ranging from 50x to 1000x. Feedback from players and partners players so far tells us we undoubtedly struck gold. We have a few more big reveals to come as we continue to roll out fresh ideas over the remainder of this year.