NSoft’s launches Innovative Visualization Tool


At NSoft, we’ve always placed a high value on innovation and practical problem-solving. That’s why we’re thrilled to present our latest product, 7Animator. Developed by our talented Product Manager, Dario Šaravanja, and brought to life by our Team Systems, 7Animator is a cutting-edge visualization application designed to simplify the creation of promotional slideshows for Seven devices.

Empowering Clients with 7Animator

Our dedication to our clients led to the creation of 7Animator, a solution specifically designed to address their unique challenges. Recognizing that many clients needed access to adequate technical resources or the necessary in-house expertise to develop such a dynamic tool, we developed this application to simplify the process of creating compelling, tailor-made promotional content.

The 7Animator extends beyond merely providing a platform for content creation. It takes into account the client’s need to customize the display of their promotional material. Each display can host a specific selection of marketing material, designed and timed perfectly to cater to its unique audience. This flexibility offers our clients a new level of control, enhancing the viewer’s experience and maximizing the impact of their promotional strategies.

Key Features of 7Animator

7Animator is built around versatility and customization. It can integrate up to 10 different assets into one engaging promotional loop. This includes a variety of formats from images, videos, to web URLs, catering to the diverse needs of your promotional content. Whether you’re dealing with webp, avif, jpg/jpeg, png, gif, svg images, or webm and mp4 videos, 7Animator ensures broad compatibility and seamless incorporation.

Moreover, 7Animator puts you in control of your content’s runtime. You can specify a custom duration for each asset, right down to the millisecond. This precision allows for optimal pacing, ensuring your audience’s attention is directed exactly where you want it. To enhance the viewing experience, you can also select a shared transition effect between your assets, adding that professional touch to your promotional loop.

Configuration and Compatibility

Ensuring ease of use and seamless integration with our platform, 7Animator follows a per display configuration pattern similar to other applications on our platform. This approach gives you the ability to configure settings and manage resources for each display separately, providing you with maximum customization freedom. The configuration process involves inputting details for up to 10 resources, each consisting of the resource URL and duration. This feature makes it easy to manage and alter the various assets in your promotional loop.

In terms of compatibility, we’ve designed 7Animator to be as accessible as possible. The application can be installed on NSoft’s Windows and Linux installations, ensuring it’s available to a wide range of users. In addition, we’ve also prepared an installation image for Raspberry Pi, expanding the possibilities for use.

Visual Details

To ensure the best possible display of your promotional content, 7Animator is designed with some key visual features. All assets on 7Animator occupy 100% of the horizontal and vertical viewport. This means your visuals are automatically adjusted to fit all screen sizes perfectly, enhancing the overall visual appeal of your promotional material.

When it comes to video playback, 7Animator is designed to start immediately without any user interaction, providing a smooth and uninterrupted viewing experience. In case of web pages being used as an asset, users can directly interact with the page within the app, enabling actions such as clicking or scrolling. This interactive feature enhances user experience, making your promotional material more engaging.

Enhancing your Betting and iGaming Business

7Animator integrates seamlessly with our Seven platform, a versatile solution for managing core betting and iGaming business operations. This symbiosis further strengthens Seven’s comprehensive feature set, offering clients an additional mode of promotion.

Seven serves as a powerful infrastructure for hosting your media content. With 7Animator, there’s no need to host your promotional materials elsewhere – everything is integrated within our ecosystem. This amalgamation offers more content possibilities on fewer screens, boosting efficiency while maintaining system performance.

7Animator is a light-weight application that doesn’t rely on any external libraries or plugins, thus eliminating dependencies on third-party software. The application runs multiple media types within a single interface, providing an all-in-one solution for your media display needs.

The introduction of 7Animator marks another milestone in NSoft’s pursuit to provide holistic solutions for our business partners. By providing them with a user-friendly tool to create compelling promotional materials, 7Animator empowers our clients to elevate customer engagement and differentiate themselves in the competitive betting and gaming industry.

We encourage all clients to embrace this opportunity and unlock the full potential of 7Animator. Upgrade your devices, explore its capabilities, and unleash your creativity. Our dedicated support team is readily available to assist you every step of the way. Together, let’s transform the industry, one display at a time.