Flows unveils new voice-activated development platform


Flows has today launched Flo, a groundbreaking voice-activated development platform that is set to revolutionise the way digital products are built.

With Flo, the power to create sophisticated, intelligent software is as simple as speaking your ideas into existence.

Flo’s capabilities span from basic alerting features to complex omni-channel multi-game jackpots, all built directly from your words. By leveraging the power of voice commands, Flo responds instantaneously, generating fully functional products tailored to your specifications. This innovative solution represents the convergence of voice technology, automation, and advanced AI language models, marking a new era in software creation.

CEO, James King unveiled Flo live on stage at iGaming Next, Valletta earlier today showcasing a live demo of the voice-activated software building a jackpot Flow. 

“When you speak to Flo, Flo responds with products. Our new solution is where the power of voice, the elegance of automation, and the sophistication of intelligent Ai language models intersect, heralding a new era in software creation.”  – CEO, James King.